Hi, my name is Simone owner of Simone Hilliard Photography in Edinburgh. Thanks for stopping by and taking some time out to visit my site. Seeing as you are here, I figured it is the best time to let you know a little about me. Like you, I have a lot of roles in my life but I can say without any doubt that for me photography is the icing on the cake in my (busy) life!

Photographs have always been special to me. Searching through the family photos when I was young and finding the photos of my mum with her family and friends when they were all dressed up and looking a million dollars was one of my favourite things. I think I convinced myself that they were all Hollywood stars because they all looked so glamorous! Me and my sisters used to play in her gowns and pretend to be celebrities and princesses. So much fun.

I realised about 12 years ago that I was taking photographs at every opportunity and loved every minute I was behind the camera, so decided that I would go to college and study film photography. The rest as they say is history and I have never looked back. I still have the same joy and passion for creating memories with my camera as I feel it enables me to capture moments in time and help people feel good about themselves.

A few years ago, my husband and I ran a successful business and when we sold it, I combined my business knowledge and the skills I gained in photography and launched my studio. I had a simple goal, to provide my clients with the best experience of having their photos taken, even if you hate having your photo taken or avoid the camera. The women on my website are every day women like you and me who have overcome their fear of being photographed and allowed me to create timeless moments that will exist for them and their children forever.

We see beauty in others but seldom see our own so let me change that for you because you really do deserve a beautiful portrait. I would like to invite you for a consultation and discuss how we can create something for you that you will love. I look forward to hearing how you want to be photographed. 

Simone x